Sending virtual hugs to everyone who’ve been trolled on the Internet at any point in their life. 

2010 was a messy year. We were getting in touch with the Internet and people were voicing their opinions more, as much as they were listening to what others were talking about. We got introduced to a certain section of the society that we never knew before; the online troll community.    

Times changed and we learned that those people were called ‘trolls’, who were known as cyberbullies before the millennial term was coined. Now, they’re lingering around, trying to cause trouble for years over the pettiest of matters. It’s a dark world, after all!   

It was all the more alarming earlier and sad that none of us knew how to give it back to these ‘mean’ bullies. They formed an online community aimed to sow discord by posting disturbing comments just for the sake of giving an opinion.   

 But why should we succumb to these bullies? 

Sure they can give constructive criticism and that is more than welcome, but making an unsolicited and hateful judgement is straight up trolling and it is high time we stand in solidarity against such people.  

The more you’re exposed to the Internet, the more likely you’re subjected to trolling. A shocking report revealed that Instagram is the site where 42% of young people reported cyberbullying! 

Simply put, trolls are very good at understanding what hurts people, and their low level of empathy means they simply don’t care. Do we still need to believe in the labels they give us or the hatred that they slide into our DMs and post on our pictures?   

If you want to create a thriving online community, you cannot let these trolls run the Internet.  

It’s bad out there, and letting these mean-spirited comments flow all over the Internet is not the right way to deal with them. We should actively step in and stand behind someone who is dealing with hate online. 

One way to destruct the online trolls is by sinking to their level, but thanks to Cadbury Dairy Milk we’ll stand together and give these pesky bullies a sweet, sweet reply.    

Arguing with a troll is like yelling at a wall. It will get you nowhere. Kudos to Cadbury Dairy Milk for releasing the sweetest video this Friendship Day and urging us to stand in solidarity. To support someone who has been ridiculed or harassed on the internet, Cadbury Dairy Milk is trying to inculcate friendship, solidarity, and a feeling of having each other’s back through their video.    

With Friendship Day right around the corner, let us all join hands and #HeartTheHate.