We all have seen enough movies and series around crime to form a perception of jails. But have you ever wondered what really goes inside the bars of a cell? Is the real picture similar to what you perceived from shows and movies? Or is it completely different from your notions of jail?

Well, figure that out for yourself. These people have shared their experiences with Indian Jails on the Internet and some of them are really scary.

1. “This isn’t Hollywood prison, there is no homosexual activity that I witnessed or was even hinted or suggested by anyone. Also, the high profile contract killer / mafia people kept a low profile and were nice with everyone. A few of them struck up a conversation with me and were genuinely interested as to how I got here. These guys were fit with a wiry physique and bullet scars to show. “


2. “It is a shady place with constables filling forms for us and I think they booked us for public nuisance case. I was still drunk and didn’t fully understand what was happening. My friends talked our way out of it (bribed them of course). It was a fun experience.”


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3. “Here we sleep on the floor. You have a dhurrie (2×6 feet) and a blanket. If you are lucky you get a kambal and a pillow with case.”


4. “We were in our own cell. Played antakshari, ate, did our reading etc. We were nice to police and being polite, they liked it a lot. Next morning, ACP came with breakfast, tea etc. We had breakfast. ACP took us aside and let us know that there won’t be any paperwork as it could impact our future. He was nice and warned us that next time no such consideration. We thanked profusely. ACP reached out later to tutor his kids for Inter Exams, which we obliged.”


5. “One of my uncles was a jail superintendent, I heard from him that they would mix bleaching powder in drinking water on the pretext of cleaning the water, which in turn affects erection. Just to stop these rapes.”


6. “We reach main lock up. Shady looking cops check for any weapons, one cop touches genital area repeatedly. We’re kept there till next day and presented in court. Cops play favorites and let me off without seeing the judge, while others get Rs.20000 fine and/or 6 month jail.”


7. “Some prisons in India allow prisoners to leave the prison to work and come back to the prison at night. Not supervised, just them walking out the front gate. And this goes for murders too, not just non-violent criminals.”


8. “We were kept in a room with regulars who get caught for selling drugs, getting drunk etc etc. While we were there this one guy kept talking to us while we were scared shit less. Havaldar came and beat the fuck out of that guy in front us and was asked to shut up. Not a good example for us who were almost at code brown situation. Heard someone else being beaten in the adjacent room. Again not a good situation to be in.”


9. “The enclosures for white collar crime detainees are much cleaner and livable than others but it’s still pathetic. The biggest aspect of living in jail is the repetitive and solo (alone) time u have to face. It gets to you after sometime. You just want to go out, live your life as you were.”


Do you think Indian jails are what you percieved them to be?