Ladies, how often does it happen that you’re in the middle of sensual intercourse, feeling super sexy with your game face and you’re really trying hard to enjoy yourself but…… the guy just isn’t hitting the right spot(s)? 

Elephant Journal

And while you stare at the ceiling, hoping that with every thrust the guy somehow catches a pace and gets better at what he’s doing, you realise that he’s just 3 seconds away from climaxing. 

Deccan Chronicle

So just to finish what you started together (the race) and be done with it, you end up faking an orgasm. And then when he instantly asks you, “did you like it?”, you end up nodding your head into a yes. Even though every bone in your body is repelling that decision. 


If you’re a sexually-active woman, I’m sure you’ve faked an orgasm at least once in your life, if not more. Unfortunately, I’m so confident about this that I can totally bet my next orgasm on it.


So, ladies, let me ask you a million-dollar-question, why is it that we women find it easier to fake an orgasm instead of just telling our sexual partners that they’re not pleasing us?


As a 21st-century-girl, I’ve suddenly woken up to the realisation that it’s not normal for women to fake the big Os. Keeping all factors in mind, I try to think about why women like me choose to protect their partner’s fragile male ego over their own sexual pleasure. 

The Walrus

In my opinion, I personally think that’s because as little girls we were always told to not complain, adjust and be happy with what we have, we’ve been conditioned to think in a certain way. Probably that’s why we don’t tell our sexual partners how horrible it is to not find our clit.  

Or maybe it’s because society has always told us to tend to the sexual needs of our male counterparts and put them before your own. But that doesn’t mean that we have to suppress our needs and never reveal what we want, does it? 


Then I thought to myself, what if it’s a guy we truly love. I mean talking about it might hurt their feelings. Or maybe we’re scared that they might have performance anxiety and won’t be able to get it up the next time we try to get in bed with them. 


The reason I couldn’t tell my boyfriend was because he was a manchild and I didn’t want to take the chance. I didn’t want to be the person dealing with him tooting his own horn while defending his act and blaming me for not being pleased easily.


One of my friends thinks that’s because a guy has never tried the “7,7,7” trick on her and she hasn’t experienced the eternal, body-trembling pleasure from a guy. She’s kept her bar low because she thought that there is only so much a guy can do to please her.

Maybe she’s right, maybe we end up believing that getting us close to an orgasm is the best a man can do.


So for the longest time ever, I convinced myself that no guy could pleasure me as I pleasured myself. In my personal experience, some guys are good at listening to what you want but horrible at executing it. So, how do you deal with a person you deeply love but they can’t make you climax? 


I’ll tell you, you gather the courage to talk about it and guide them through the process because if you don’t confront them now, they’ll think that they’re doing great and will continue to do the same awful things, they’ve been.  

BREAK THE CYCLE NOW, LADIES. It’s time to talk about your needs.