Silence. A state of being that conveys volumes. I think the most important lessons are learned in silence. When you’re sitting by yourself doing your thing, it hits you. One fateful moment of epiphany. 

Yet, silence is disproportionately undermined time and again. We often don’t realize how important it is to spare a few minutes of nothingness in the day to sustain productivity throughout. In this constant hustle-bustle of life, if you are wondering why it is important at all, here are some reasons from us to corroborate the weight of silence. 

1. Silence helps you form a perspective over legit everything in life

Your mind needs a breather to realign thoughts. When you are too occupied with tasks, one after another, you’d hardly be able to give your choices a second thought. Important decisions that determine your course of life need to be thought through. And this certainly cannot happen if you’re lost in your stream of consciousness. You need to sit in silence and breathe to form a perspective.


2. Silence helps you become self-aware

In this world of constant stimulation, it is easy to lose ourselves. Silence helps us connect with our innermost selves. We’re able to compartmentalize our likes, dislikes, needs, and wants. We’re able to decipher what truly gives us happiness and how we wish to lead our life. And we’re also able to see ourselves as who we are and practice self-love.

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3. Silence helps live in the moment

We have heard a lot about “Carpe Diem!” But how does one actually do that when the mind is constantly bombarded with meaningless thoughts? Well, again, silence can be of great help. Once we practice and master the art of sitting in silence, we learn how to disengage from unnecessary thoughts and live the present moment in its entirety. If you need a head start, try switching off your phones, sit in an exquisite location, and breathe. Make a conscious effort to track your thoughts and not let your mind wander away.


4. Silence helps overthinkers to calm their forever-racing minds

Sometimes, having the ability to think becomes a bane. This is for people who’re perpetual overthinkers. When you think too much, the tornado of baseless thoughts drains your minds as well as mental health. This is where practicing silence becomes the most important. You need to calm your minds to function with utmost productivity. If you’re confused about how to do this, just cut off all connectivity for at least five minutes, close your eyes, and breathe in and out every time you’re overwhelmed.

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5. And to sleep better

So many of us have a fractured sleep cycle. It’s not healthy at all. A major reason for this is the mind that doesn’t stop racing. Once your mind is at peace in silence, your sleep cycle will automatically improve, and that’s a given. Also, sleeping with a relaxed mind is wholesome. When you wake up from such a sleep, you’re not tired at all. Rather, you feel energetic and pepped up about the tasks for the day.

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6. Silence helps you put on your creative hat

All of us are creative in our unique, adorable ways regardless of the profession we’re in. When we sit in silence and allow our minds to traverse into the depths of our imagination, some real big ideas take birth. This is because we’re able to gather our thoughts and mold our imagination better in solitude. When such great ideas are born, take a note somewhere, anywhere.  

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7. Silence boosts our concentration abilities

When you’ve unplugged your devices and locked yourself in a room away from external distractions, can anybody hamper your concentration but your own dearth of will? Silence can help keep digressions of the mind under control. You will be able to focus better on the task at hand instead of twenty thousand other things in the background. 

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8. Silence helps in letting go

Yes, letting go is hard. Knowing how to do so is like having a super-power like no other. But, silence can help you. Imagine going through a really rough break-up. You’re hurting and have all this pent-up frustration and aggressive thoughts without any emotional outlet. At that critical moment in time, silence can become a great healer. Of course, it won’t come easy. But, it would allow you to process your thoughts and prompt you to channelize your energy upon yourself. Gradually, you’ll come to like spending time with yourself. You’ll be able to associate with your past without getting overwhelmed with a rush of emotions. You’ll move on. 


9. Oh! And sometimes, it’s just the best response 

Silence becomes the best answer at times. We don’t have to tax our minds and bodies by indulging in hard conversations with somebody who is being toxic for no reason. Sometimes, responding with nothing is enough to communicate your stance. 


The truth is learning how to be silent is not easy. It’s a process that demands sheer time and willpower. But it’s worth the effort because the advantages that will come from it are too precious to give up. We all want to feel light in the head. And silence is the ultimate solution.