It's only been 5 months into 2020 and the world has already burned due to the Australian wildfire, Delhi has experienced the worst communal violence in recent memory and India is officially among the 10 worst-hit countries with Coronavirus. Right now, I am writing this with a blocked nose and hope that it's just a viral fever. 

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See, that's how bad it is. I am actually hoping that I have a viral fever. That's what the new normal is now. 

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And it's only been 5 months. I mean, 2019 was bad. We all tweeted when the Notre Dame burnt and said 2019 was the worst year ever but god damn it 2020, that was not a challenge. 

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You can't take these things to heart. I mean, you didn't even wait for your shit to start. By the 15th of December, Australia was already on fire and you made it worse in the next couple of months. 

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1 billion animals perished, man. Koalas are almost extinct. Why would you make Koalas go extinct? Who hates Koalas? 

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You could have been nice and cured their chlamydia but no, you burnt them to death. Well, you're not Daenerys by the end of that insufferable season, so stop!

And what's up with the coronavirus? Why are the rules so complicated? You know more than half the world's governments are not prepared for it. 

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Also, when I pictured getting run over by the infected, I was kind of hoping more of The Walking Dead and not the literal Pestilence from the Bible!

This shit is scary. And thousands have already died. Many more will, in the days to come. I guess you could be punishing us for all the shit we've done to this planet. But that's like burning villages because the king's men cut all the trees. 

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And mark my words, it's the poor people, the marginalised, who will be the most affected. Covid-19 testing isn't available everywhere. Especially in a country like India, where the number of patients seriously outnumbers the number of available doctors. 

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According to reports, in 2019, India had just one doctor for 1,445 patients. And now this healthcare system is going to be overrun by patients sick from the Covid-19. 

This year has already gone to shit. And it's only getting worse from here. What's next? You're gonna re-elect Donald Trump? Make Greta Thunberg go to school, suspend Malala from school? Make fur coats out of puppies? Make a sequel to Kabir Singh?

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You're evil, 2020! Fuck you!