Penn Badgley has won sincere acclaim for his acting in the TV show, You, where he portrays a problematic stalker-cum-murderer character named, Joe.

Source: TV Guide

Joe's a bookshop owner, who spends his time seriously stalking his crush. He portrays a textbook 'nice guy' who dotes on his girlfriend, and is willing to go to any lengths to 'save' her from her own choices and decisions.

Source: TV Guide

This extremely problematic character has some people drooling over for his seemingly 'sweet' qualities. 

But Penn Badgley made sure that the 'thirsty' comments don't go unacknowledged, lest they add to the problem of romanticising stalker-ish behaviour as 'cute'.

When a Twitter user posted that Penn's character in Gossip Girl was sexy, but in You it was at another level; Badgley took out time to add to the tweet - 'of problems, right?'.

The deadly ex factor.

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He's also giving a shout out to people who are appreciating his character the right way, without romanticising stalking.

Celebs taking to social media to jar the romanticisation of their problematic characters is absolute gold.

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His politically correct ways have won the internet.