Let’s be honest. We weren’t really paying much attention in our Civics class, were we? 

Understanding/knowing about the Indian Constitution is a long and winding road that many don’t prefer taking. Which is also why they are dumbfounded when some news breaks on TV and they have zero idea about what Section 144 stands for. 

Well, that is all about to change, and how. Because you are about to be served some Consti-Tution. Get it?

Public policy professional Meghnad S has come up with a web series along with Newslaundry by the name of Consti-tuition. But if you are thinking it is going to be a guy droning about the bills, and sections, and laws, you have a different thing coming. The episodes are replete with sarcastic quips, good humour, and of course, artsy visuals that will teach you as much as they will tickle you.

The first episode delves into voting and “the job of your elected representatives at various levels and who you can scream at for not doing the right job”. 

In the second episode, Meghnad talks about how bills become laws, and why it is essential to know each law.

Watch away, lads and ladies! 

These are Civics classes done right.