Poetry is the language of the world. Anyone who has read any poetry at all already knows that a poem has the power to make you admire the beauty of life, be it love, nature or even sorrow. A poem leaves you with emotions that linger with you long after the poem is over.

Punjabi is such a beautiful language and when combined with poetry, it can give you feelings that will both warm you up and manage to break your heart, at the same time. Hence, we bring to you 10 verses from Punjabi poems that will make you crave for more:


“I will meet you again.

Where or how, I do not know

Maybe I’ll become a figment of your imagination,

and appear on your canvas.”


“If your love needed thinking,

have you really loved?

If you pine for your love to be returned, Oh Bulleya,

have you really loved in an unselfish way?”


“Why would you ask about the well-being of fakeers like us,

We are like the water separated from the river,

Like life that emerges from a tear.

We’re melancholic, distressed.”


“My smiling eyes only know tears now,

Look, what the guest living in my heart gave to me.”


“I find myself alone in the breeze,

the way the wind blows already changed.

Ahmed, there is no point to this life

when the love of my life has vanished.”


“There is only the pain of separation in my verses now,

My tears remain few after crying so much.

My lover didn’t give in even once,

now my hands remain clasped.”


“Why are you restless?

Why do you seem so sad?

Even as I embrace you, why do you seem so far away?”


“You keep talking about love,

Try to unravel the bundle of love someday.

Just hope it doesn’t leave you in the dust,

Talk in a lovely language someday.”


“I’ve seen the rising Sun ultimately setting,

The lamp that was once lit also finds itself with no fire.

Nobody knows the value of diamond,

even the bad coins can work once in a while.”


“The destination is the place where those find thrones,

who start out with a map of their journey.”

Hope this helped you find emotions you didn’t even know existed.

Design Credits: Anmol Gambhir