When we first got together, I thought it was for eternity.

Meeting every day, talking for hours on the phone and sharing everything with each other, we were completely inseparable. 

With each other around, life was indeed beautiful. We didn’t need anything or anyone else. 

We were happy. We truly were. Or, so I thought.

Because one day, it all fell apart. Within minutes, it was all over. 

We were over. For good. I’d never imagined it would hurt so much.  

It hurt more than it did when I had a break-up. 

That day, I lost my best friend. And the pain was worse than anything else. 


Breaking up with friends is the worst feeling ever! 

While love is impactful, piercing through your heart, it’s friendship that’s your biggest support, the gentle cushion against everything else, against all pain. 

We often take our friends for granted. Unlike love, there are no grand gestures, no expressing of emotions. Not as often, at least. 

Our friends are supposed to be there for us. They’re the ones who’re meant to handle us at our vulnerable best. Comfort us when we need it the most. Solve our problems. Stand with us when we’re alone. 

They’re supposed to be just there for us. 

But sometimes, they aren’t there. And it hurts. Really hurts. 


Friendship is probably the most intimate equation in our lives.

Yes, it isn’t about physical intimacy but when it comes to emotions, it’s probably one of the strongest. 

With our friends, we’re our most honest, naked self. There’s no pretence, no living up to expectations and certainly no putting up an act. 

We’re not trying to make our friends like us. We aren’t there to impress them. We don’t want them to help us change ourselves for the better.

We spend time with them only because with our friends, we can be who we are without a care in the world. 

And frankly, there isn’t any other relation that allows us this level of comfort. 


While lovers play one specific role, our friends play multiple roles in our lives.

Friends when need company, parents when we need to be disciplined, guide when we’re stuck somewhere and a sibling if we don’t have one, friendship knows no boundaries. 

Losing a friend isn’t just about losing friendship. It’s about losing an entire family. Losing a host of people, each more impactful than the other. 

Unlike a lover, a friend is rarely just one person. 

Unlike your lover, your friend is never just a friend. 

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You share everything, literally everything, with a friend. 

There are no secrets with your best friend. No past lurking in your present. Nothing to be hidden for fear of offence or disregard. 

Your best friend sees you at your worst best and still loves you. He/she’s with you when you’re nothing and still, stands by you. 

And when you break up with your friend, you lose a part of your life. The part where you weren’t anyone special. Where you weren’t responsible or mature. Where you were carefree. 

Breaking up with a friend results in breaking a chain of memories. A chain that’ll never, ever be fixed. 


Yes, breaking up with your lover sucks. 

Love isn’t an easy emotion. It’s complicated, rigid and crazy. Your lover can either make you fly or brutally tie you down. And breaking free from some those bonds is rarely easy. 

But friendship never came with a spoken bond. It just happened. And slowly, that friend overtook your life, making a space that was indefinable. 

When you break up with a friend, there comes a vacuum, an empty space. 

A space that won’t be filled. Not in one lifetime. Not so easily. 

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