From the assassination of John F Kennedy to Nasa’s moon landings to alien invasion, and Illuminati theories… I am a big sucker for anything that involves an unexplained mystery or a hidden message. *cough* Humble bragging, but I think I spotted Captain America’s shield in Iron Man before anyone else did! No wonder my friends call me the undisputed ‘King Of Finding Easter Eggs’.

Just when I thought I’ve solved every movie mystery before the climax and read every Sherlock Holmes-esque book, I stumble upon a video of a mysterious floating island and boy! It’s such a thrill! An article on this strange news further piqued my curiosity and I’m sure the video will bring along a new theory to confuse the hell out of us. Illuminati, who? Watch it for yourself and hopefully, it’ll tickle your curiosity as much as it did to mine.

Floating island? UFO? Will it prompt another pop-culture conspiracy theory? You be the judge.

I decided to dig a little deeper to find out what that floating submarine-ish kind of thing is, but then it all seemed like the unsolvable Bermuda Triangle. So, this Sherlock has given up! Also, what’s with this random website, huh?

It’s not just me who’s going all crazy about this mysterious island, even RJ Malishka and Chaitanya Chaudhary are totally baffled about this unidentified object.