When it comes to moving in with a partner, a lot has to be considered. And that’s probably why they say that living with a person is the true test of compatibility. Which is why this Reddit thread where people have shared bachelor-behaviour that they ditched after moving in with their SO is so interesting (and probably relatable to many).

Here, take a look:

1. “I used to keep all my silverware in one big drawer, unsorted. When the dishwasher finished, just grab the utensil basket and dump it in the drawer. Easy and quick. The first time I did this at her apartment, I received new training.”


2. “I had to stop drinking milk straight from the jug and now I have plants where before I had cool album posters.”


3. “I had to let go of everything being so tidy and organized. My wife is a everything-in-a-general-area kinda gal, whereas I’m very organised and stuff-in-its-own-place kind of person.”


4. “I had to hang some actual art and family photos on the walls. I used to hang almost nothing.”


5. “I had to give up freeball Fridays. Because apparently it is wrong to be completely naked from the time I get home on Friday until Saturday morning. It is also the reason we kept her furniture and not mine.


6. “I’ve historically never really hung things on my walls or decorated my space in general. When my ex moved in, she filled every open space with some type of trinket, decoration, or plant. She also made us go buy a new mattress and an actual bed frame. I could no longer leave my desk as an organized mess. Basically, I have my things strewn about seemingly at random but actually I strategically place specific items on specific areas of my space. If you know, you know.


7. “She helped me learn to buy new things. I was a big fan of using things far past their usefulness. Holes in all my socks, shoes with no rubber left on the bottom, etc. Really improved my life. I do miss the batman shower curtains though.”


8. “I had a boyfriend once who would wear his dirty clothes in the shower, while showering and ‘wash’ his clothes by rubbing bar soap all over himself (his clothes) and then claim – triumphantly – that he killed two birds with one stone. My reaction upon witnessing this was just…mouth…agape. He was like, ‘My system is so efficient!'”


9. “I had to do away with my milk crate shelving unit. She insisted on real furniture. Oh and pillows. Pillows everywhere.”


10. “I’m a big outdoors guy I’d say. Sometimes after a long day I’d pass out in the same clothes from the day, on the couch. It would just happen sometimes, but I wouldn’t mind. My SO finds it gross and I understand, so I’ve gotten into the habit of showering before bed, long day or not. I am a shower-at-the-beginning-of-the-day guy by default, but now I am more appropriately a shower-according-to-your-day kind of guy.”


11. “I have to cook a side with every meal and it kills me.


12. “Putting dirty dishes in the fridge so I can procrastinate for a week before having to wash them (no dishwasher).”


Sometimes changes are good. Sometimes.