It’s rare to find someone during our academic years and stick with them forever, and that is what makes this story so special.

A museum posted an image of a desk, which had two names carved on it. Interestingly, the artist of the carving responded in the comments and blessed us with the most heartwarming update ever!

Credits: Facebook

The History Museum, South Bend, Indiana, took to its social media account and shared a picture of two wooden seats from 1965, which had ‘Benny + Linda’ engraved on them, originally belonging to the auditorium of South Bend Central High School.

Credits: Facebook

Benny came across the images and informed everyone that after 50 years of their marriage, the duo is still together and has three beautiful children. He also thanked the museum for sharing the image.

“Linda and I are still together after having three wonderful girls and 50 years of marriage, Told my friends in fourth grade I was going to marry Linda and here were are heading for 51 years together on August 1. The smartest thing I ever did in my life was to marry this kind and pretty lady. Thanks for sharing.”

Credits: SunnySkyz

This brings back so many memories, doesn’t it?