If two individuals are in a relationship but not on the same page, they usually end it with a breakup. And rightly so. Why should anyone waste our time if they aren’t the one? While some couples continue to stay for various reasons, others move on in their lives. For those who have been in a breakup situation, it is undoubtedly a rough patch in life in the case of serious, committed relationships. Whether it was you or your partner, how hard was it to say or hear that the relationship is not working out?

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Speaking of which, someone on Reddit put up a question about the worst responses that people have got for break-ups.

“What’s The Worst Response To “We’re Breaking Up”?” the Reddit user, (@u/Reasonable-Film7219) quizzed on Ask Reddit.

While you continue to recall that, we found what other Redditors received in response to the break-up question:

1. The one with friendship

“Can we still be friends?”-u/Individual-Price-980

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2. The one with ‘I don’t know we were together’

“Huh? We were a thing?” Or “Finally! About damn time! jesus christ“-u/Artistic_Soft4625

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3. The one with break-up sex

“Do we have the break up sex now or later?”-u/lovetyrannicalreddit

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4. The one with Netflix password

“Can I still keep your Netflix password?”-u/Important-Essay-1713

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5. The one with dating your BFF

“So, can I start dating your best friend now?”- u/Daniel_Carter11

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6. The one with pizza

“Oh. Wanna get some pizza?”-u/LivingDeadNoodle

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7. The one with ‘how could you?’

“I (24m) had a boyfriend (35m). Who said, “How could you make the decision by yourself?” After I broke up with him.”-u/SarcasticIndividual

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8. The one with ‘thank god you did’

“It’s about fucking time, I didn’t have the balls to do it myself. Cya.”-u/Empire2k5

9. The one with going to movies

“Ahaha anyways we still going to the movie tomorrow?”-u/banshelle

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10. The one with cheating

“Ugh my wife will be so relieved.” -u/SnicketyLemon875

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11. The one with game addict

“Let me play Subway Surfers in peace.”-u/TechnSound

12. The one with ‘I don’t know you’

“New phone. Who dis?”-u/Amokk666

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Have you received such responses for breaking up with your partners?