After you break up with someone, the idea of attending their wedding might come across as normal or something heartbreaking. Add to it, the way Bollywood has portrayed doesn’t help either. It’s wedding season. Chances are some of you might have received a wedding invite from your ex. In case, you are contemplating whether you should attend it or not, then this one is for you.


We scoured Reddit to find out how it went for other people who attended their ex’s wedding. People have talked about their experiences in great detail. Read on below.

1. “My ex, who I broke up with some 7 years ago, invited me to his wedding. We were actually on really great terms. I decided not to go. And even though I did not, their pictures and videos hurt me still. It wrecked my mental health for a few days. Not because I still had feelings or was jealous. But because it made me think low of myself.” – atreyi_14


2. “I went to my ex’s wedding, but I wasn’t hung up on him at all. I walked into the venue and my first sight was watching them be cute for the photoshoot. For a minute, I thought that it could have been us, but only for a minute. We have many common friends so I hung out with them. It was like a reunion of sorts.” – Rika27


3. “We continued to be friends after we broke up. I thought I had moved on, so when she invited me to her wedding, a part of me still felt for her. But I attended her wedding anyway. I got some closure, had food, and caught up with a lot of friends. It was fun overall.” – AlteredReality79


4. “We were friends for ages, dated for a while, and broke up amicably. Because we had the same group of friends, we ended up being friends again pretty easily. The wedding was a blast. I had a fleeting, “that could have been us” thought, but that was quickly replaced with the realization that we both wanted our lives to go in very different directions.” – PandorasTrunk


5. “It was great, her husband is a really nice guy too. I’m very happy for them. They’re coming to my wedding next year.” – Anonymous


6. “A friend was in the same situation, and he decided to go nevertheless. He got married later. Now his wife and friends tease him saying ‘ex ki shaadi me kursi lagane and sharbat baatne ka kaam tumhara hi raha hoga, isliye jana zaroori laga tumhe itna‘.” – Independent_Climate2

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7. “I was a plus one to my ex’s wedding. They didn’t speak to me at all! It was awkward as shit!” – Anonymous

exes wedding

8. “I was a wreck, did not want to go but could not help myself. Had some gin for courage. But surprisingly it wasn’t that bad. The whole thing gave me closure and helped me move on.” – element316


9. “I went to one of my ex’s weddings, simply because we were best friends before we started dating and remained good friends after we broke up. Believe me, it is always kinda hard. Even if you honestly think it won’t matter much, it does. It doesn’t hurt, per se. But it feels like a part of your past now belongs to someone else. It’s weird.” – shutter_singh

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10. “It was one of the worst things I’ve done in my life and I wish I could turn back time to stop myself. Watching her stand there getting married, I spiralled down into depression. It took me some time to get out. It’s a shitty thing to do to her. It’s her day, seeing you there might make her uncomfortable.” – ItPains

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11. “I went to my ex’s wedding. We dated in school for six months. Seven years later, she started dating a friend of mine. They invited me to the wedding. I had a great time.” – fordemocracy

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This definitely does not sound like fun.