Choosing career over a relationship is a debatable topic. It is a complex decision that requires mutual understanding and effective communication between partners. Having an honest conversation with your partner about your career goals is a smart choice. However, in most cases, choosing to focus only on a career affects the relationship, and most couples end up parting ways. While some partners choose career over love, others pick love over career. And there are people who prefer a healthy balance of both.


Of course, maintaining both career and relationship together is a task. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. Now that we are talking, someone on Reddit bid goodbye to her partner as her boyfriend chose career over their relationship.

A Reddit user, @u/Unknownreality7, shared her experience of their relationship turmoil in a lengthy post. The user talked about how she had been dating a guy for over 18 months. As per the post, her boyfriend wanted to focus on the police academy that he took admission in. He had been struggling to juggle between the academy, family/friends, and her girlfriend. The guy texted her that he wanted to take a break from their relationship and asked if she would resume dating after 2.5 months.

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However, the girl chose to break up with him. “As a couple, when hard times occur, you’re supposed to talk it out and go through it together, not put the relationship on hold and then come back when things are better,” an excerpt from her response reads.

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“Boyfriend said he wanted a break in our relationship to focus on his career. I broke up with him,” the title of the post reads.

Here’s the screenshot of the post:

Redditors are divided over this experience in the comment section. While many netizens supported her decision, a few of them felt otherwise.

What would you choose? Career or relationship? Or would you keep a balance of both?

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