Divorce has always been a taboo. Our society prefers people living in an unhappy marriage than accepting the fact that some relationships do not work. So, celebrating a divorce seems like a refreshing idea. And recently, a woman did just that.

Lauren Brooke celebrating her divorce

Lauren Brooke, a woman who recently got a divorce, decided to celebrate it with a photoshoot. These pictures that are now viral on Instagram, show her in a red dress holding a sign that reads “divorced”. There are a number of photos where she can be seen tearing and burning her wedding pictures, stepping on her wedding dress and even popping a bottle of champagne.

Pictures show her stepping on her wedding dress
She celebrated it with a photoshoot

There’s also a picture where she holds a board that says – “I’d wish you the best but you already had it.” Divorces are different, so there are also relationships that end with mutual respect and in cordial behaviour. But these pictures prove that everyone has their own experiences, even if it means a harsh divorce to get out of an unhappy relationship.


It’s time that we stop treating the end of a relationship like it’s the end of the world.