A relationship is indeed a blessing if you find a partner, say, who is smart, intelligent, mature, and non-toxic. Isn’t it? Sometimes, you meet a person, who isn’t as smart as you thought they would be (read: ‘idiot’), but you continue to date them. While some people remain in that relationship forever, a few of them don’t.

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Someone on Reddit recently asked people if they had any ‘I am dating a f**king idiot’ moment in their lives.

“People of Reddit, what was your ‘I’m dating a fucking idiot’ moment?” the Reddit user (u/Known-Pop-8355) posted on the platform.

Other Redditors shared their experiences of dating an ‘idiot’. Here are 10 of them curated below:

1. When a man asked a woman about her ‘favourite flavour of tampons’

“When I mentioned I was on my period, he asked what my favorite flavor of tampons are. He genuinely thought the colors on the tampon packs were flavors, and that it would soak into my blood while inside and I’d eventually taste it. I’m desperate to know the source of this information (sic).”-u/DaSavageDragon

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2. When a woman claimed that electric vehicles and power stations are ‘great inventions’ for blind people

“My ex GF in all seriousness said electric-vehicles and power-stations was a great invention… For people being blind. (She said): ‘It has to be so much easier for them to drive, if they don’t have to fill the tank with gas.’ Took her about half an hour of me laughing before she realised/understood that blind people in fact cannot drive (sic).” u/erMortem

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3. When a man believed that cows produce eggs

“We were having dinner when I mentioned I couldn’t eat cheese because I’m lactose intolerant. He asked how I could eat eggs. I told him that lactose was found in dairy, which comes from cows. He vehemently rejected my explanation that eggs did not come from cows and were not dairy, and wouldn’t believe me until he googled it for himself (sic).”- u/Forever_Untruly

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4. When a man wrote ‘Ha’ instead of ‘Hi’ in an office email while claiming it is an abbreviation for ‘Hey’

“He complained that his boss was questioning how he addressed emails to him. So I asked, how are you addressing those email. He gave this example: Ha Mike. I said you’re saying Ha instead of Hi? He said yes because Ha was an abbreviation for Hey. Yup, that was the moment (sic).”-u/Jaded_Ad9253

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5. When a woman wanted someone to turn off a windmill to avoid windy atmosphere

“We drove past a windmill on a windy day. She commented how it was too windy out and they should turn the windmill down. She was dead serious (sic).” u/ink4n3

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6. When a man dreamt about being rich ‘coz he ‘invented’ the idea of a special eye drops

“He told me he had a lot of “inventions” and how rich he will be when one sells. I asked him to tell me more. He says his best “invention” is eye drops that (with just one application mind you) eliminate the need for eyeglasses. The guy is a mailman. Not a doctor. Not a scientist. And he wears glasses. So I said “if these eye drops work why do you wear glasses?” The eye drops don’t exist yet. But when someone else actually formulates these fantasy eye drops my mailman friend thinks he will get the money because he “invented” them by dreaming them up…I dated him very briefly years ago. He didn’t have any patents. Just misguided dreams. Nice guy. Just….well a special kind of small former coal mining town kind of idiot (sic).”-u/butitsnotfish

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7. When a woman was unaware of rain in the ocean ‘coz there is already ‘enough water’ in it

“My ex didn’t think it rained over the ocean because there was enough water there already. She was shocked it rained when we were on a cruise (sic).”- u/1_disasta

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8. When a man couldn’t figure out the location of an ankle

“He didn’t know where the ankle was. I hurt my ankle when he dropped me (on accident), and he went to look at it and said it looked fine as he was touching my calf. I was like well yeah cause that’s not my ankle. silence. then arguing about how it was my ankle and me telling him it was my leg not my ankle and having to explain what an ankle was (sic).”- u/summerof84ch

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9. When a woman believed taking her dogs for drives would burn off their energies

“I went on a couple dates with a woman who owned two large energetic dogs. When she bought them she was informed that she’d need to walk them every day to get them exercise and burn off energy. To save time, instead of walking them she’d take them for a drive and thought that accomplished the same thing (sic).”-u/diiejso

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10. When a woman didn’t know that you can go directly to anyone’s house

“She didn’t know how to get to my house from anywhere but her house. Her work was about halfway between my house and hers, but she had to drive home first every time before she could drive to my house. *this was pre-smart phones (sic).” –u/CampoPequeno

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Have you met such ‘idiots’ in your lives?

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