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*sees her arriving at a distance*

Humans are a complex breed. I mean, you never know how we’d react to something at a given point of time. Take for example when a guy’s about to propose to his girl. Even if in his heart of hearts he knows she’ll say yes, he also knows it’s a big day for her and anything can happen. And, so, begins a trail of some optimistic and other rather nervous thoughts that go through his mind. Take a look:

1. Phew, alright then…

2. Everything is set and the mood is just right. I couldn’t have picked a better day to propose to her.

3. Though, I hope she doesn’t think we’re not too young for this.

4. Also, I hope her parents likes me. That’s so important. So. Bloody. Important.

5. What if she’s had a really bad day, tho? Can that affect her decision? Oh, God.

6. Ok, ok, I should stop worrying. Just think about our future together. A 3BHK. Two German Shepherds. A Family SUV.

7. I hope she likes the ring. Will she like the ring? Of course, she’ll like the ring.

8. Lemme revise my proposal speech once. “My love… You’re the reason why I wake up in the morning. May our spirits be forever young, and our love for each other grow stronger with time. Will you be my wife?” Perfect. I’m a freakin’ poet.

9. Oh, I bet she’ll say yes and we’ll have 3 babies together.

*she arrives. he proposes. she says yes*

10. Haaaaallelujah! Haaaaallelujah! Ha le le le lujaaaah!


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