Sex is the most natural thing ever but did you know there are a few mistakes that you might be making that can lead to a big ‘uh-oh’ moment? 

Just like how a stitch in time saves nine, you can keep these in mind so that you’re not caught in a pickle. And of course, thank me later. 

Carrying condoms in wallet 

If you’re carrying condoms in your wallet then you need to stop STAT. The reason being, in a wallet, the condom may get folded, break, or you might even sit on it. Even though the wrapper from the outside may look fine but there are chances that the condom isn’t. 

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Using two condoms at once 

Using two condoms at once or double bagging leads to more friction between the condoms, thereby increasing the chances of breaking either one or both of them.

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Not using compatible lubes

Before going for lubes, it’d be wise to research a bit because if you aren’t using the right kind of lubricant, it can damage the condom material. It is said that water-based lubricants go well with latex condoms while oil-based lubes may ‘weaken’ the latex.

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Not removing the condom after ejaculation 

Cuddling after sex might come naturally but did you know if the penis is still inside you after ejaculation there are chances sperm might slip out of the condom as the penis gets flaccid. In case this happens, it defeats the whole purpose of using protection.

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Sticking to the same routine again and again 

Well, if you and your partner stick to the same routine then you might get bored of it. Just like anything else, we like a bit of thrill and surprise especially when it comes to sex. You can spice it up by trying different positions, sex toys, and locations. 

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Thinking sex is all about drilling her 

Take it from us that when a man just goes on and on drilling, it really gets boring. Mainly because there are other aspects to sex instead of treating women as some oil field being drilled by the USA. 

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Not cutting nails before fingering or giving a handjob 

Okay, this is for everyone because people are very sensitive downtown and if you have sharp or badly cut nails you can actually hurt your partner. So, just do a check before starting with it.


Not cleaning private parts before action 

Umm, this is seriously unhealthy and may result in either one or both of them getting an infection. 

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Sticking to one pace

Who likes it when you or your partner is just going at it at one pace? Maybe sometimes you like it rough, and sometimes gentle. It’s really what you and your partner might find suitable in the moment. 

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Not peeing after sex 

If you’re a woman then it’d be wise to pee after sex because it helps to flush out bacteria that may have passed during sex. This helps in preventing a UTI. I don’t know about you but I am not risking a chance of developing a UTI, cuz we know how scary that can be. 

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Not pinching the tip of the condom

Although most condoms come with a built in reservoir tip where semen gets collected. But if you’re going for one which doesn’t have this function, make sure there’s enough space for the semen to get collected. If there’s a lack of space in such condoms, then there’s a possibility that the condom might break. If you have the former then you can pinch the top of the condom while wearing it to avoid air to come in while also leaving some space at the tip. 

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So, the next time you’re having sex, remember this ;).