From the purr of the motor to thrill against the speed, a car evokes a certain kind of adventurous feeling. For many young adventure seekers, exploring mysterious pleasure in the backseat has become a trend.

With romantic weather and a safe spot, people have experienced this steamy adventure. Here are some of the thrilling confessions people had to make about their personal experience. 

1. We pulled up in a dark corner and got naked in the back seat. It was cold out, so I kept the car running, thinking it would help keep the car warm. I sprawled out across my back seat and she mounted me, riding me for around 15 minutes. Suddenly, the indoor light turned on and a very embarrassed, uncomfortable-looking cop stood in the open door.

2. We were out in the middle of a field, windows completely fogged. The car starts shaking. We look up and there is a cow’s face pressed up against the window.

3. When I was in high school I drove a pretty small car. This girl and I were parked out on a backroad, in the back seat. I had mounted her, missionary. We were at an angle on the seat as it was too narrow to stretch out, going at it. Suddenly there was this popping sound and the car filled up with this thick, foul-smelling smoke. We both scrambled to get out, naked. I finally discovered that the back seat springs had made contact with the battery, which caused the smoke.

4. People kept walking by the car while we were having sex and we kept stopping. Eventually, we gave up. I found it funny, she didn’t. It would have been fine if we both laughed about it, but instead, it was just irritating I guess.

5. We went on a drive and it started to rain heavily. My husband didn’t want to take a chance driving in a rain. So, we parked the car and kept the hand brake on. We were sitting in the car and I made the first move. I surprised my husband by kissing him passionately. He kissed me back and we both went to the backseat of the car where we made love.

6. While having sex, this girl kept kicking the ceiling and back window – no problem – except she cut her foot on something but didn’t notice. When I was driving her home later, a cop pulls us over the cause of the bloody footprints on the back window from the inside. It was… awkward.

7. She was turned on and so was I, so we went to Trimbakeshwar near Nashik City and we had amazing sex sessions in my car. That was my first time having sex in my car and it was awesome. You know, fear of getting caught makes you hornier and the orgasms are beyond believable.

8. He parked the car in some deserted lane and started kissing me. We had earlier decided to have a make-out session. However, things escalated so quickly that when he asked whether he could fuck me I gave in without any hesitation. Though my first time, I don’t think it could have been better.

9. Was having car sex in the park when a cop showed up. He pointed his gun at me and said let the kids go. Now I’m a sex offender.

10. My husband and I went to this resort and it was full. Therefore, we slept in the car. We had a wonderful sex night in the car. My husband fucked me hard. I found that it is very romantic to have sex in the backseat of the car. It reminded me of the movie Titanic where Jack and Rose make love in the car. I felt like Rose that day. Having sex with Jack (my husband). It was a wonderful night for both of us.

11. Parked our red Corvette by ourselves on one side of the parking lot. I came around to my wife’s side of the car, as she spun around in her seat to get out, she surprised me by spreading her legs. The car was angled as to where cars going opposite direction could see right into our car as they rounded the curve. We got several honks from passing cars during our session.

12. My girlfriend was in a school parking garage and we had just finished and a cop car pulled up behind us. The cops told us to get out of the car and took our IDs. When they came back, the cop handed my girlfriend her ID and when I reached for mine back he told me there was a warrant for my arrest and when I was looking at him shocked. He laughed, said “just kidding” and ran back to his car.

Are you as shocked as we are?