The thing about sex, and specifically about losing your virginity, is that it never truly turns out the way you imagine. 

And in case you’re either looking to know what you may also experience upon losing your V card, or just want something to relate to, reading through these Reddit found confessions is the right way to go.  

1. My first time was much easier than I’ve been told, and less pleasurable than I thought it would be.

– LongD0ngDave

2. I couldn’t get my god damn wiener in. I’m not saying I’m some giant penile dude. She was nervous about foreplay and we were using condoms. I had like 3 first times because we had a few non-starts. In hindsight more foreplay and maybe some lube would have been invaluable.

– colpy350

3. From a woman’s perspective, the same happened to me the first time. The second time I had no problem. So I agree with you, it was just a lack of foreplay, lube and probably not knowing what the hell to do or expect (from my side).

– trapdooralice

4. Positive: sex is fun and feels good. Negative: urinary tract infections.

– PersimmonTea

5. Oh God, I got a kidney infection after my first time. Had to go to ER. I’ve always had urinary tract problems growing up, so I thought it would just go away, because in the past they would clear up on their own. Not after my first time. I almost fainted in my study group and one of my college classmates had to drive me to ER. And turns out I had a full blown kidney infection it got so bad. Yeah, pee after sex people. Run to the bathroom afterwards if you have to. Also, I completely avoid missionary because that’s what would increase my chances of getting one.

– FuzzyLlama13

6. How much it hurts if you don’t know what you’re doing.

– FewerHorsesNBayonets

7. Nothing changed about me though I felt super guilty afterwards. Kinda like how on your birthday, you’re a year older, but you don’t feel any different.

– CraveNBeBrave

8. Maybe TMI, but the thing that surprised me the most was that after the guy finishes in you, it drips back out of you. I had never thought about it before or the cleanup needed.

– hme4

10. That my body didn’t move the way I wanted it to. Also that I should probably workout more.

– theboorster

11. How the guy being nervous can affect almost everything, and the second time is normally much better when everyone is relaxed. Definitely overhyped and felt like a ton of pressure and pain.

– x_littlebird

12. Yeah most women I talk to agree that their first impression of sex is often, “wait, that’s it?” Not so much in terms of time but just that it’s not that great and kind of a let down.

– sunshinecygnet

13. Yes! I thought it (the vagina) would be somewhere in the front, like a penis. I just kept trying to reach a point. I wondered if she even had a vagina.

– fosfeen

14. The passionate part of it is honestly so great, then afterwards the cuddles hit DIFFERENT.

– xoandotexe

15. My 1st time, the girl was a deadfish/starfish and I couldn’t get into it (also, I was drunk & had whiskey-dick issues, but didn’t know that was a thing back then). Literally thought I might be gay for a good 2-3 months because of how much effort it took to stay hard.

– razuku 

So much to relate to.