There’s so much build-up around sex especially the act of indulging in it that we forget there are other things too. I mean, nobody talks about what you’re supposed to do once you’re done having sex.

Should you straight up wear your clothes? Go for a snack or drift to sleep? ‘Aftercare’ post-sex is just as important as having sex for both you and your partner. 

So, if you’re thinking about what to do, we have anecdotes from Redditors who tell you exactly how to tackle this situation. 

“Help clean up.” – I_Spy_A_Sneky_Snek 

“Backrub.” – April2o11 

“Ask if they need/want anything. Everyone is different. Some people want water, some want to clean up, some want to cuddle, some want to talk, some want to go right to sleep, some want more sex right then and there. Don’t ask how it was, ask what they want next.” – The_Pip

“Also, if they sleep right after (without talking much or so), cover them with a blanket (if they have not already). It’s a really bad feeling to wake up without clothes AND a blanket. Plus in the early morning it’s damn cold.” – ThePiCube 

“MAKE SURE SHE PEES! I cannot stress this enough. I’m extra thankful to my partner for this.” – aricha14

“A kiss on a forehead and hugging me is all what I need.” – Promotion_Square 

“Offering her something to drink. Help her to get up if she needs to go to the bathroom, put some towels on the wet spots of the bed before she comes back. Cuddling.” – FloppyMustache 


“Not leave.” – 8ies 

“Food. Sends the satisfaction levels to 100%.” – Damn_Wright 

“Just BE with your partner,  talk, offer water, appreciate and reciprocate affection.” – Terrible-Concert9191 

“Not lay on me. It’s fucking hot.” – Anon_Charlie 

“Depends on the person too because some people want space.” – Heroesnconspiracies7 

“I can tell you what NOT to do. Don’t grab the towel and try to assist your girl by wiping her coochie! She’s not a baby!” – gatortheoriginator

“Think about whether she’s on the pill.” – MonkeyManMakeMoney

“Make sure whatever fluids don’t leak onto the bed.” – call-me-ahab 

“Help washing up afterward. You wash my back, I’ll wash yours. Sex is such messy business, nothing better than a shower afterward.” – SpiralBreeze 

“Make a snack, some tea perhaps. It’ll make you both recoup and be ready for the next round.” – WhoThenDevised 

“Don’t immediately go on your phone, please.” – AGeneNamedCry

Well, you can use these for starters.