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Valentine’s Day is just the right opportunity to bring smiles on the faces of our favourite people. And we can definitely kick it up a notch by being more creative with it. It is bound to get very stressful to plan a decent date night with your partner when you’re under the pressure of wanting to do something different. But don’t worry we got you.

So this year, keep that overpriced menu aside, ’cause here are 5 unusual ways you can spend this V-Day with your partner!

1. Get an instrument that you both always wanted to learn.

Everyone has that ONE instrument that they wish they knew how to play. So why not just get it and learn together! People usually get hesitant when it comes to doing something new for the first time. This way, you will be mutually taking the first step at least. You can also enroll them for some online classes for the instrument, and take them together.

2. Make clay art for together.

Get some polymer clay that you’ll find anywhere, and get your hands mushy! At some point, we all have obsessed with clay and slime. You can do plenty creative stuff with it. Like making fun clay rings, cups, or just small figures. You can harden it by baking it in an over for a few minutes and TADA! You have something personal, creative and cute that you made with your hands for each other.

3. Get a LEGO set and build what you love

No matter how old we get, we love playing with LEGO bricks! It’s fun and very rewarding tbh. In fact, the brand now has a huge range of amazing sets for adults across all major categories like Sports, Architecture and History, Supercars, Pop Culture, Space & Astronomy, Home Décor, Superheroes and much more! You can pick according to what your partner and you like and build what you love together. Click here to check the fun collection out.

4. Make couply doodles and get them printed.

Try to make a little something that is inspired from your partner. Maybe a song lyric that they always mess up, a cartoon character that they cannot stop obsessing over, or a stupid snack they keep eating. Doodle them out on a piece of paper or drawing pad and get them printed on a bunch of stuff that you own together, like fridge magnets, your coffee mugs, or even your floor mats.

5. Make a charcuterie board.

Get a bunch of snacks and delicacies that you both absolutely love and arrange them on a board. You can do this with a nice picnic planned and enjoy the day with a mouth-watering assortment of yum stuff. You can also order these from a lot of places online and get it customised. Whatever you do, incorporate crazy munchies to funk it up. 

Regardless of what you choose to do, don’t forget to complement it with quality time and affection. They’re the king of all gifts, period. Do things together like building a LEGO Taj Mahal and let that speak for your love!

On that note, happy Valentine’s Day, y’all.