We gave the world the Kamasutra, and honestly, nothing has come closer to mastering the art than that wonderful book. It is undoubtedly the best book written on sex. But during the early 17th century and towards the mid ’90s, a few people sought out to become sexperts, so to say. However, instead of giving sex tips, they ended up regulating people’s bedroom.  

While some of the rules might have been the norm when these books were published, but in the current age, they’ll certainly be considered sexist and outright ridiculous. Nonetheless, they still have the ability to coax a laugh or two out of you. 

From asking women to wear only pink undies to telling couples never to use lube, this is a series of ridiculous sex tips that might have been followed by people in an age and time quite different from ours.

Get ready to laugh your guts out:  

Ugh! Thank God we didn’t live in that era. 

Vintage designs by Gauri Saxena