From a school desk to forever. 

It’s so rare that one finds true love, right? That one person who goes on to become your forever. The one you vow to spend your whole life with. When you do find them, you hold on to them, tightly. With all your might. 

One such couple who spent their whole lives together in a blissful marriage is Ferris and Margaret Romaire. They fell in love when they were just in school and got married in 1946. 

However, when they were saying their ‘I dos‘, none of their guests had cameras on them to click pictures and make eternal memories. So, they never got to seal the deal with a proper wedding shoot and all.

Fortunately, this year marks 70 years of togetherness for them. So after all these years, Lara Carter, a photographer, offered to click a proper wedding shoot to celebrate their anniversary. 

The couple gleefully obliged and the results are quite heart-warming!

The perfect couple in their own little world.

With a young Margaret.

The happy couple in their prime.  

Toasting to another 100 years of togetherness!

Celebrating their 70th in style.

Look at their faces, such genuine happiness.

Sealing it with a kiss!  

Forever in love. Always. 

To many more dawns together.  

If only all of us could find our forever, right? 

All pictures from Lara Carter Photography