Language is perhaps one of the greatest inventions of mankind, helping us express ourselves. While English is one of the most widely spoken languages with a vast collection of words, it often falls short when we try to describe some of the nuances that humans feel. Being in love is one of the strongest and most beautiful emotions which humans can experience and accompanying the sensation are its subtleties which we fail to find words for. Like the pain and longing you feel when your loved one is away (‘missing’ doesn’t quite cover it) or the safety and peace you feel in a loved one’s embrace. 


So Argentinian designer Jazmin Batista borrowed words from various languages around the world which throw light on the different shades of love and illustrated them using the description, in a series named as ‘Language of Love‘.

Take a look at some of the nuances of love which we all have been lucky enough to feel at some point in our lives:

“If a thing loves, it is infinite” – William Blake