In this generation of online dating, we rarely find the desired soul mate. But talk about the ones who give us reasons to give up on our hopes, there are plenty. 

Here are a few not-so desired conversation starters encountered by people on Tinder.

The wrong app, maybe?

Pick Up Lines Galore

Talk about bank accounts going empty these days.

Best Hookup Apps

How to nuke a bad pick up line, you ask?

Huffington Post

Umm… I prefer Decepticons at the moment.

Softpedia News

 *Darwaaze baayi taraf khulenge*

This guy has a knack for testing patience.

Never trust him if he finds planets fascinating!


No, but I definitely feel nauseous at the moment.

The Hollywood Gossip

 God bless Freud’s soul.


 He has his priorities sorted.

Please have some mercy!

Taking subtle hints were never a thing.

Whatte guy!


Damn! I threw my sushi away.


This guy has serious issues.

The Chive

Just stop talking!

Sick Chirpse

Wren & Martin say you’re disqualified. 

India Today

Unless you’re getting me some.

James Blunt would really hate him at the moment.

121 Roundhay Webdesign

Thanks for taking a “LOOK”.

I think I’ll just skip the date I was looking forward to this evening.