Body language can prove to be very useful when you’re going out with someone for a professional or even for a casual meeting. However, there are some things that should be aware of if you want to cast an everlasting impression on the person you’re planning to meet.

Here are some body language gestures that make people distrust you:

1. Tilting your head back

Tilting your head back is a sign of arrogance which is not pleasing at all for the other person. 

2. Listening without making eye contact

You may come across as duplicitous or uninterested if you do not make any eye contact while talking to people.

3. Touching your face

Touching your face makes you look dishonest during conversations and meeting, so avoid doing it.


4. Nodding ‘no’ or shaking your head ‘yes’

This usually means that you intend the opposite of what you’re saying. 

5. Putting hands in your pockets or behind your back

This indicated that you are not a trustworthy person as it seems that you have something to hide.

6. Gesturing too low

Avoid gesturing too low as it seems like that you’re hiding something. Yes, that’s how it’s done.


7. Fig Leaf

Putting your hands in front of your genitals indicates fear, and like you have something to hide.