Today is Valentine’s Day. For at least the few of us who aren’t shouting “Pyaar Ek Dhoka Hai”, this is actually a day for celebration with our loved ones. So if you have a partner, you should go out with them and celebrate your love. It’s the best you can do.

But do you know, who can do better? People with pets. Because pets are just awesome like that! Don’ believe me? Ask anyone who has a pet. 

1. Pets do not make any unrealistic demands.

Pets don’t have a lot of demands. All they want is belly rubs and to chill. 

kitty corner

2. Your pet will love you no matter what.

If you get into a fight with your partner, only the Lord knows when happiness will return to your life. And then there’s the game of apologies. Not your pets. It’s impossible to piss them off.

3. Your pet never complains about anything.

Dirty linen on the bed, utensils in the sink; none of that matters. All your pet wants is to spend time with you. It doesn’t matter to them even if you live in a dump. 


4. Their babies are cuter. Period.

Have you seen kittens?! If you can’t find love for kittens there is something seriously wrong with you, man! Who hurt you as a kid? Get therapy, pal!


5. They are always happy to see you.

No matter what day it is or how bad it was, your dog will always greet you the same way. Nothing in the world matters to them but you. 


6. They are always willing to cuddle.

Yes, all they want is to cuddle. And have belly rubs. Not much of a task, is it, cuddling with your furry friend? 


7. Pets listen to your problems, and they don’t interrupt.

See, unlike your boyfriend, your doggo will listen to you without interrupting. It doesn’t matter if it understands you or not. You can just be assured that your little boy will be there for you. 


8. They don’t judge you. Instead, they will be weird with you.

You might be wearing Jamaican clothing, speaking in a fake English accent in the middle of winters in Delhi, for all that matters and your dog still won’t judge you. Make no mistake, everybody else will though. 


9. They have perfected the actual puppy face!

Snapchat’s dog filter ain’t got shit on the real thing. And trust me, that puppy face they make when they want something? It always works.


10. They are always ready to party. 

No matter what the occasion, your dog is always ready to party. Dogs don’t need a reason to celebrate shit. All you need to do is look excited and your buddy will start the preparations. 


11. You can’t stay mad at them.

No shit! Even if you manage to get mad at them for peeing in places and sniffing your butt,  one look at them doing the puppy face is enough to melt your heart. 


12. They are loyal and selfless.

They are called a man’s best friend for a reason. And the reason is extremely simple; loyalty. Google it and you will read stories of how dogs have protected their parents with everything they have. They are the most selfless creatures in all of creation. 

Christian Post

13. They can tell when you are sad.

In case you didn’t know, trained dogs are also used for therapy. They help you get better if you are suffering from any mental ailment. Dogs can always tell when you are sad and they try to do stupid shit to make you laugh. 

The Conversation

 14. Your cat will even bring you gifts!

Admittedly, it would most likely be a dead mouse but hey, it’s the sentiment that counts.


16. And on most days, they look majestic

And it is the cutest thing you will see all day.

16. On other days, they just look goofy.

And it’s still the cutest thing you will see all day.


17. Unlike everyone else in your life, they aren’t disappointed with you.

Yup, even if you have managed to screw up something as simple as inhaling oxygen. Trust me, if Donald Trump had a pet, it would still love him.

Daily Mirror

So take your little furry friend on a date! You won’t be disappointed.