What will you describe as the happiest moment of your life?

When a local tea seller was posed with the same question by Humans Of Bombay, his answer was simple.

He told them the story of the first time he took his family out to McDonald’s; treated his kids to a Happy Meal, and gave them a memory to cherish.


As opposed to the regular days when he earned just enough to make ends meet, one day he received a bulk order for chai.

That day, he made more money than usual. 


But, instead of saving that hard-earned money, the man decided to give his family an experience of a lifetime. He said:

“There was some event happening at a big hotel nearby. And after lunch everyone wanted chai. That day I made more money than I make in a month. I took my wife and kids to McDonald’s for the first time and bought the kids their own burgers with the toys in it.” 

Describing the joy of making his kids happy, the proud father said:

My kids looked at me like I was their hero! That’s the happiest day of my life.”

Touched by this emotional post, McDonald’s India also commented on the story and expressed a desire to host his entire family!

You can read the HOB post here.