There are a gazillion strange jobs in the entire world that surprisingly pay large amounts of money to their employees. And one such company is Bedbible, the go-to source for all things sex and sex toys.

The company has put out a vacancy on their official website for a person to watch online pornographic videos. The company would hire and pay one individual $20 (approximately ₹1515) per hour to watch online adult films and gather information, data points on specific topics, like sex position and duration, the number of orgasms, sex positions, male vs female ratio, language distribution and hair colour distribution.

To apply for the dream role of Head of Porn Research, the applicant must be aged 21 or over. The company further states that this role is 100% remote and hence, your whereabouts in the world don’t matter. However, they will be in touch daily or weekly.

The application form seeks the applicant’s name, email address and employment status along with reasons for applying and why should the company choose them. According to the company, the data will be used to conduct an in-depth report about tendencies/statistics in porn videos.

In a conversation with LAD Bible, Edwina Caito, Head Content Creator at Bedbible said:

Pornography is a billion-pound industry around the world, so we came up with the idea of learning more through real-life examples. We chose to explore the most common sex positions in the top 100 most viewed videos to create a fair representation of people’s porn preferences. We’re sure we’ll learn some interesting statistics from our research such as what types of roleplay the actors have, number of orgasms, and any fetishes covered.

You can apply for the job here.

Are you applying for this job?