Flavoured condoms – once a vexing part of the sexual landscape, they are now better understood and accepted. After all, oral sex without protection can result in a whole host of nasty STIs. As India has made love peace with these colourful delectations, all kinds of different flavours have flooded the market. Vice recently did a deep dive into the favourite condom flavours of the Indian palate, and here’s what they found. 

Several novelty flavours such as Achaari, litchi, kala khatta, and aloe vera catch a lot of eyeballs, but don’t really stick around for too long. 

Hindustan Times

Another surprising factoid is that Madhya Pradesh’s favourite condom flavour is apparently Meetha Paan.

In fact, Bhopal orders the most flavoured condoms in the country!


Meanwhile, Kama Gizmos, a sex store in Goa, claims marshmallow, Triple Sec, and bubblegum flavoured condoms are some of their bestsellers.

The store, which was India’s first offline sex shop, had to down its shutters reportedly due to a lack of trade license as well as opposition from the local Panchayat. 


In terms of the wider demographic of India however, strawberry and chocolate flavoured condoms rule the roost. They’re the favourite flavoured condoms of the Indian population.

Girish Ramachandran, senior manager of marketing for Skore Condoms told Vice

Consumers are generally more skewed towards any new chocolate flavoured variants and that’s the reason we have launched an all-new Belgian chocolate flavoured condom.

So there you go – now you know exactly what flavours we as Indians prefer in the bedroom.