Falling in love is easy but it’s keeping that spark alive which requires a lot of patience and dedication.

In the age of fleeting romantic encounters, there are some people who make us believe in lasting love.


Captured by photographer GMB Akash, the story of 105-year-old Mosir Uddin Sarder and his 87-year-old wife is a beautiful tale of keeping love alive through the years of togetherness.

The lovely wife narrated the entire story to the photographer.

“I was 12 years old when I got married to him. I still remember. He came with a horse cart to marry me. No one got married in my entire village with a horse cart. I was so happy and proud! My husband paid 10 taka at that time for it. He could have bought a very big paddy field with that money!”


Married for 75 years, the couple never left each other’s side and are still very much in love.  

“They used to tell him he was like “a black stone wearing a pearl necklace.” But my husband never minded; he seemed happy and smiled when people told that joke! He always said to me, ‘See how beautiful you are!'”


“He becomes crazy without me. We have never been separated in our entire married life. We wake up together and pray our morning prayers together. He cannot eat if I don’t cook the meal with my own hands! But when we sit down to eat he gives me the biggest piece of the fish!”


You can read their beautiful story, by GMB Akash here:

What a fulfilling life!