Relationships are not always like those Bollywood movies filled with romantic dates, nights, and fun. There’s more to it. IRL it’s filled with more adventure, be it good or bad. 

So if you are looking for some fun and crazy things to do with your better half, read on- because we have curated a couple’s bucket list for you to bond more with your partner. 

Here are 10 adorable things you should add to your couples bucket list now!

1. Go to the place you first met.

Reminiscing those good old memories is the best thing to do. Walk down memory lane and create some more memories there!

2. Create your relationship playlist.

Is there a better way to vibe or profess your love to someone? Add songs that remind you of them, listen to them together with a hot cup of coffee. 

3. Take turns and cook for each other.

Food and romance is the combination proven in the history of love. Cooking with your partner in the kitchen is the most romantic thing ever. You could also feed each other, now picture this haseen nazara

4. How about a couples massage?

Spa’s are the most soothing experience you will have with your partner. Did you know, a couple is among the hottest treatments at luxury spas all over the world. What are you waiting for?

5. Go on a cruise together.

If you have watched Dil dhadakne do, you know what a luxurious experience it is, buy yourself tickets for a romantic cruise. That said, you should be there soon! 

6. Pick 10 places you would go to try the food.  

Are you a foodie couple? It’s time for a food spree around the city. Keep a day to go places to places and try that yummy food. 

7. Go visit the Amazon river once.

If you are a couple who is into wildlife, this place belongs to your bucket list. One of the most captivating experiences to see incredible wildlife. 

8. Stay in an overwater bungalow or just go to the Maldives.  

We suggest every couple visit this place once. Staying over the waters alongside scuba diving, skydiving, ocean fishing. and so much more. Sounds fun, isn’t it? 

9. Go backpacking to a romantic place.

How about adding Paris to this bucket list. Backpacking is a classic travel bucket list item and adding it to your couples bucket list is perfect choice.

10. Bring back the old-school love.

Yup, take the old school route and write a letter to your partner. Talk about little moments you cherished with them, and don’t forget to tell them how much you love them. 

11. Plan an adventure-filled day.

Go on a road trip, camp somewhere with a spectacular view, and relax under the stars. Explore places you have never been to. Just make it your kind of an adventure day, no matter what you do. 

12. Sneak out of the house for a long drive.

The most intimate conversations happen at night, there’s something so peaceful about it. Sneaking out of the house for a long drive and talking is just so soothing. 

13. Stay away from your phones for a day.

Take a technology detox and spend time with your bae. Let there be no distraction but only you two having fun together. 

14. Get drunk with your partner. 

Getting drunk with your partner and doing all sorts of crazy things is a whole of madness. Play truth & dare, dress up in the weirdest costumes, have a little couple dance, cuddle by the fire. It only gets better!

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15. Camp out under the Northern Lights.

Watch the natural light display in Earth’s sky here. You could stay in tents and even igloos to watch nature closely in all sovereignty.

16. Get inked together.

Get a couples tattoo. Don’t make a permanent one if you are not comfortable. You could make something that means a lot to your relationship. Indeed, it’s a bonding experience. 

17. Go cage diving with great white sharks.

If you want to try something terrifying yet adventurous, cage dive with great white sharks is the activity that belongs to you. This will surely open your adrenaline floodgates. South Africa is known for cage diving with great white sharks

18. Kiss on the top of the Ferris wheel.

If you are a hopelessly romantic couple, you have to add this to your bucket list. Or just make it a tradition to kiss on heights!

19. Go to a music concert together.

See a live event together. If not music, go for sports, stand-up comedy, or anything you like. But a music concert sounds just perfectly romantic.

20. Lastly, make a little tradition together.  

This could be a reminder of your love even on the hardest days of your life. It could be as simple as never eating momos alone, or never visiting a restaurant without them. Something only you and your partner could do together. 

You could always add more to your couple’s bucket list and explore more!

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