When you are in a relationship, you always have have someone to share your happiness and tears. And as it turns out, now you also have someone to blame for your weight gain. 

Yes, according to a study, people who truly love each other and are in happy and fulfilling relationships are more likely to gain weight than those who are single.


Several studies have supported this finding over time so there may be more truth and figures to support this. 

Researchers at Central Queensland University in Australia assessed more than 15,000 adults, nearly three-fourth of whom were in a happy relationship with their partners. 


While the study concluded that couples generally follow a healthy lifestyle, people also reported weight gain because they don’t feel the need to look attractive when they are with their partners and thus tend to eat more, the study finds.


Another study by the New England Journal of Medicine showed that weight gain is also contagious among married couples. 

According to the study, if one partner is gaining weight, the other partner has a 37% chance of gaining more weight as well.

The Atlantic

The unspoken rule of relationships thus says that once you’ve found your better half, you lose all motivation to stay fit.

In her statement to US News, lead researcher Andrea Meltzer said:

“Spouses who are more satisfied tend to gain more weight, and those who are less satisfied tend to gain less weight.”

And if your common friends/family have commented on potential weight gain for both of you, congratulations, it just shows how much you love each other.  

Roses are red, violets are blue. Ab samajh aaya weight gain hua hai kyun.

*blaming my boyfriend already*