A break up in a relationship is definitely no cause for laughter, for the most part at least. You dig? We’ve all been brutally given the cold shoulder at least once in our lifetimes, if not more. But to quote the age old adage, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. So here we have a compilation of some of the most creatively devastating break up notes in recent history. We want to laugh, but we don’t want to. So we still will.

1. When you deliver the message with a low-blow.

2. Nothing a sweet tooth can’t take care of.

3. Multiple choice questions make life easier.

4. What a way to break the news.

5. The misleading card.

6. Never mess with a Batman fan.

7. At least, there is instant gratification.

8. Shout it out from the tallest buildings.

9. Or a romantic break up.

10. Burn!

11. That was cold.

12. X reasons why being my ex is awesome.

13. I’m not sure if that font was deliberate.

14. That escalated quickly.

15. When politics in a relationship is its downfall.


I’ve never had so much guilt over a laugh.

Masthead Source: gosocial.co, Feature Image Source: sillyhumans.com