Being in love is an amazing feeling. Be it the initial stages of stalking your crush for hours and finding out ways to talk to them or the hangouts with them for which we ditch everything else, that feeling, that phase is just bliss.  However, being in love brings along with it the work of expressing those feelings out loud to that special someone and sometimes, or almost all the time, the pressure makes our creative factor go on sleep. But what if I tell you that I have 7 adorable proposal ideas that will let you take all that ‘before proposal pressure’ without reducing the creativity element. Scroll down to find out. 

1. Hop on the old-school technique and write her a love letter. Mail it to her via post and wait for her ‘Oh I love you too’ call. 

2. Take your crush out on a dinner date to a restaurant or cafe that has karaoke in it and sing your feelings out loud to her. 

3. Gift her that pet she always wanted to have with a collar belt that confesses your love for her or if she already has a pet, simply put it on him and wait for her to notice it. 

4. If the girl you are in love with is in love with food, use that as your cupid and hide a proposal note in her meal. 

5. And if you don’t want to try out any of the above, just get hold of her laptop or cellphone and change the wallpaper of it. And yes, make sure the updated wallpaper confesses your love to her. 

6. If you feel shy to say to her in person, just record a voice message and save it in her phones music file. The next time she’ll open it to listen to some songs, she’ll hear your heart singing about her. 

7. Lastly, make your proposal an unexpected surprise by either getting a special newspaper published for her or hiding a proposal letter in it. 

Because you have something to say and their ears are dying to hear it.