The main idea behind going out on a date is to get to know someone (if you are in the early stages of dating) or spend time with your partner (if it’s a long-term relationship). Going out on dates doesn’t have to be expensive or always include fancy food. Sometimes doing the same thing and going out on the same dates does get boring. Hence, we have compiled a list of 17 fun date ideas from across the internet that doesn’t involve going to restaurants always. Also, these ideas are very easy on your pocket.

1. “Library! It’s free and you can spend as much/little time as you’d like.” – FuglyWitch


2. “Nice walk in the park or somewhere natural.” – Gisselle_gonz

Country Living

3. “Netflix and chill.” – LagThenBag


4. “Live music or a band performance.” – JuiceNational9461


5. “Go on a hike and take some sliced veggies and hummus.” – suggmydigg2021

Chillwall Blog

6. “Get a membership with free guest passes to a museum, zoo, planetarium etc. in your area.” – Mkemylf


7. “Draw/Paint each other’s portrait to the best of your ability and then reveal it to each other after 15 minutes.” – Able_Ad_6296


8. “Go to a cat/dog cafe.” – Able_Ad_6296


9. “Photo walk / Fossil hunt / Exploration in the woods.” – plumby


10. “Baking together is awesome. In the end, you get treats.” – MaxK


11. “Camping in your living room is fun. So are blanket forts. Or having picnics in the bedroom.” – MaxK


12. “Go do pub quiz at a local bar. You’ll have, maybe, a few beers and have a fun time with the questions and so on – and maybe you’ll even win! Even if you don’t, it’s really fun and builds trust to be on a team with someone, working towards a shared goal.” – Anonymous


13. “I tried an escape room on a first date recently. That was totally fun.” – RockSciRetired

Horror Escape

14. “My favourite was meeting at a bookstore that has a coffee shop. You can meet for coffee, walk around the bookstore, and get to know the person by them talking about what books they really enjoy.” – Soturi34


15. “Go to Ikea and play around in all the tiny living rooms/bedrooms. Go when it’s not busy and you could have a great time.” – JCollierDavis


16. “Go outside and take pictures of one another. 5-10 years down the road, you’ll be happy you did.” – n0ahhhhh


17. “Go to your local botanical gardens. It’s bigger and filled with more plants than just a regular park.” – sareptile


What more ideas would you add to this list?