If there’s one thing that the entire world would agree with, it is the fact that moms are the best thing to happen to us. No matter how many times you may disagree with her, fight with her, or even be annoyed by her, you know that your mom is the most important person in your life. 

Some are closer to their dads, while some prefer the comfort of crying on their moms shoulder. Having said that, there’s no greater comfort and relief than the one found in a mother’s arms. Whether your are 6 or 60, you can literally always pour your heart out to your mother and find love in her eyes and affection in her smile.  

My mom is no different. And so, I want to take a moment out to pour my heart down to her. 

It has been over 2 years since dad died. I was 23 and had no clue to what had just happened to us. The realization sunk in much later. The moment I got the news, all I could think about was, “What would happen to mom?” Ma had always been the rock pillar in our lives. But things would be different now. If only for a few weeks, but I knew there was going to be a role reversal. And no matter what, I just had to take care of her. 

And take care we did. My sister and I were by her side constantly for as long as she needed us. We arranged things that needed to be done, sat by her side trying to soothe her as best as we could.


Losing a father changes a person in ways one doesn’t even realize. And it’s a journey you are forced to take, no matter how much you want to avoid it. The people around don’t make it easier, either. But despite these ‘well-wishers’ constant statements like

“You are a young girl without a father now, how will you get married?” or “Now the only thing that will give your mother happiness is you and your sister’s marriage,”

Ma stood up for us and let us be. 


Since then, she’s become the most fearless, strong-headed woman I know. She was always supportive and strong, but losing dad has changed her in ways that we could never expect. 

One fine day, she told us, “Yes, your father is no more. But I promise I’ll do everything he did and never let you feel like you are missing out on anything.” And as people around us kept saying how things are going to change, she made sure that nothing did. 


My sister and I were brought up to be strong, independent women by ma and she gave us the strength to be what we wanted to. And even after dad passed away, that attitude of hers remained. We knew her role had changed and that she had to be  both a mother and a father to us but she filled in those shoes perfectly. 


Ma, you have always taught us the right values. You’ve given us freedom, love, life lessons, experiences and so much more. You’ve been my superhero since the first day. You were there when I tried to make sense of Hindi, teaching me the ‘matras’ and grammar I so hated. You were there when I was confused about mathematics or computers. You did not leave my side when I wanted to take humanities when everyone else wanted me to pursue commerce. You have helped me in taking every decision of my life, no matter how big or small it was. You always taught us, “Do what makes you happy,” and supported us throughout. 

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Mom, I know there are a lot of things you don’t approve of. There are things we do which you don’t appreciate but still accept. You put on a smile and go on to encourage us to do what makes us happy. Whether it’s working late or going out with friends late at night, you are always there  as a pillar of strength behind us – a patient ear when we have to bitch about our bosses, discuss life problems or just rant about our day. You are the fairest of referees I have ever seen.


You are the one and only person who gave us the courage to grow up, accept what has happened and move on with our lives. You said, “We will always miss papa but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be happy,” and that keeps us going. 

There are times we fight or I get annoyed, but ma, I will forever love you and be grateful to you. I will never have anyone love me as much as you do – not my spouse, not my kids, not even my sister, but only you.

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They say behind every successful man is a woman, and you were that for dad. I say, behind every successful woman is a mother who showers her with love and supports her endlessly, forever.

Thank you ma for being so loving, kind and understanding.

Thank you for letting us live our dreams and pursue our passions.

Thank you for being a wall between me and the society. 

Thank you for being the mirror whenever I need you to be.

Thank you ma for being a mother.

Thank you. 

b’My sisters, me, and mom’