I think in our everyday lives we have all seen a penile enlargement advertisement or two and laughed it off. However numerous people fall prey to chronic body dysmorphia and inferiority complexes, often pertaining to their intimate regions, that consume their entire life. Given the sad reality of sex education in our nation, they suffer in silence which results in them not getting the help they need. To top it off, the distorted sexual reality propagated by pornography largely spreads false stereotypes of sex and sexual satisfaction. 

Often when the underconfidence and bodily insecurity escalates and goes largely unchecked, many men opt for unethical surgeries that claim they will enlarge their penis size. After all, society has told them: the bigger the penis, the bigger the man. But what society fails to mention is that not only are these procedures illegal, but they are outright dangerous.

One doctor, Dr Jaison Philip, pioneered a conversation regarding the harsh, untold truth:

An anatomical restructuring of your body is dangerous and the consequences of undergoing such shady procedures are equally harsh. 

It’s high time we initiate conversation around sexual health and wellness so our youth isn’t misled into believing false notions that would lead them to essentially incur unintentional harm upon themselves. 

In short, let’s grow up and not be this guy:

Major shout out to Dr Philip for not shying away from a much needed educational thread. We need better sex education.