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In the land of Kamasutra, this word can never be uttered without a certain amount of hesitation and quite honestly, it’s sad. It’s not like we guys don’t like having sex. I mean, our population will soon touch the astronomical figure of 1.5 billion. So yeah, having sex is a pretty much pleasurable pastime for all of us. That said, there a lot of people out there who hate the partner in pleasure we all should actually be loving. Yes, I’m talking about condoms. 


Is it because it takes away the ‘natural’ feel of sex, reduces the intimacy and defies the logic of having sex in the first place?

According to a recent survey conducted by Durex, 95% of Indians don’t use condoms. But why is that the world’s second-largest population doesn’t want to put it on?  Well, their latest poll might give you certain answers:

After seeing the results, our curiosity shot higher, so we went to the streets asking the janta – why Indians hate using Condoms? The responses were plain hilarious and alarming at the same time. Especially this one: 

Us: Would you use condoms?

You can check the whole video here.

So, whose responsibility is it anyway? To ensure the usage of a condom? I believe it’s an equal responsibility for both the partners to keep a few handy. Because sex and all is fun, and it’s supposed to be that way (duh!) but what’s more important is to keep the population in check, the family planning on track and to evade the chances of catching a sexually transmitted disease. Condoms are not a matter of choice, they are a necessity. 

“Par fir fun chala jaega, uska kya bro?”, you may ask. Condom manufacturers have devised several products that make using a condom an added advantage but still lacked the natural aspect of it. Durex, for the first time, has gotten somewhere close. 

Durex recently launched Durex Air, a condom so thin (yet strong, don’t worry) that it won’t feel like it’s even there. 

While it’s impossible for the condom to not be there and still do its job. But it can be super-super thin to give you maximum pleasure and now you have it. With the Durex Air, the manufacturers are hopeful that it will solve people’s woes with condoms and that the percentage of folks hating condoms would drop. I think we do need that to happen. 

So, the next time when you plan to do, you know what, make sure you get some “Durex” Air before it (see what I did there?).