While the ravages of the global pandemic have been brutal on people of all ages, this elderly couple celebrated their 60th anniversary in 2020. 

In today’s dose of wholesome news, Marvin and Lucille Stone didn’t let 2020 ruin their big day. To celebrate their 60th anniversary, the couple recreated their wedding day photos. 

That is not all, Marvin who is now 88 along with his 81-year-old wife Lucille gracefully sported the original wedding clothes that they got married in, back in 1960. 


Yup you heard that right folks! While I’m still having issues trying to fit into my pre-corona clothes, these two lovebirds are giving us some major couple and fitness goals! 

In fact, Lucille designed and stitched her own wedding dress that she still so elegantly adorns! 

Back in 1960, Marivn and Lucille got married in a small Lutheran Chruch in Sterling, Nebraska and to celebrate their 60-year-milestone of togetherness, they had their photoshoot in an open field in Nebraska. 

Katie Autry was the photographer who captured the heartwarming pictures of this IT couple and their budding romance for one another. 

Katie who revealed that this was one of her favourite shoots, in her Facebook post also mentioned: 

What an amazing example these two are of true love standing the test of time. I am so glad to have met them, and honored to have captured these memories for them. Happy Anniversary Marvin and Lucille!

Well, I can finally feel what true love is through these pictures. 

These heartwarming clicks still give me hope that maybe someday somehow we all will find that special someone who will love us even when we’re wrinkly and old. 

All images in this story are sourced from Katie Autry’s Facebook Post.