Relationships are tricky and people in love are trickier. 

Without even realising, we all end up doing things we shouldn’t have. Saying hurtful things, not responding enough, getting caught up with mundane modalities, we’re all guilty of messing up our relationships. 

But while some things are a given and some easily forgiven, there’s one crime that isn’t easily forgivable. 

When two people are in a relationship, nothing hurts as much as infidelity. But then, is infidelity only about having sex with another person?

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A relationship is about two people – their bodies as well as their minds. 

When you commit to someone, the bond isn’t just about sleeping in the same bed. The equation includes sharing everything. Your thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions. You make a life together and go through each day standing right next to each other. 

And when you choose to stray outside that relationship and indulge in sexual relations with someone other than your lover or spouse, you’re certainly guilty of committing the worst crime one possibly can in a relationship. 

But what about those who think about it but never actually end up doing it? Or those, who’re there with you physically but in their mind, sitting with someone else? 

Isn’t emotional cheating the worst thing in a relationship? Even worse than the physical one?


Being with someone and yet, not being with them! 

Your partner may be in a different place, city or country but no matter what, you expect them to reach out to you in times of both happiness and distress. You want to be their sounding board, they’re source of inspiration and motivation. 

But imagine that you aren’t. You aren’t the person they call when they want advice. Or when they want to share something. They’re reaching out to someone else. How does that feel?

Your relationship may have all the love and all the mind-boggling sex but if it doesn’t have real, heart to heart conversations, sharing of innermost feelings and desires, is it really a relationship worth having?

If your partner is spending the night with you but days talking to someone else, can you really be happy as long as they’re physically loyal?

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There’s a lot that’s been said and discussed about physical infidelity. 

Cheating partners have long the bane in both real and reel life. You’ll find countless blogs online helping you in trying to get over those who chose to have sex behind your back. But what about those who’re loyal to you physically but have long been cheating on you emotionally? 

They made do it intentionally or sometimes, without realising it but some people do cheat on their partners emotionally. 

Whether it is talking to their best friend about a new job possibility, discussing insecurities about their personal lives or having a heart-to-heart about family pressure, if your partner is seeking out the company of someone else but you, it is emotional cheating. And it hurts a lot more than you’d like to believe!


A relationship isn’t just about going for holidays, attending parties and having sex. 

In fact, what sets apart a serious committed relationship from an otherwise frivolous one is the depth in conversations and the resolve to share everything no matter how grave or uncomfortable it may be. 

If you’re not the first person your partner reaches out to in times of emotional upheavals, like it or not, he is cheating on you. The infidelity may not be physical but it is still infidelity no less!