You see him staring at you the whole evening. Though he’s two tables apart, he looks at your every few minutes. And yet somehow, you’re not feeling weird. 

There is an unspoken attraction, the minute you find yourself gazing at him too. He’s attractive. They all are! In a casual, blue t-shirt and torn jeans, he seems to be well aware of his smashing good looks. And that dangerously hot gaze makes you feel attractive, even if you’re sitting there in your straight-from-the-gym clothes.

This game of stares could go on but soon, he approaches you. That’s the thing about them; they don’t just stare but also give it a fair shot. Sometimes they offer a drink, sometimes a smoke. With a smooth, 10-minute conversation, you always end up typing your number in their phone. 

Ladies, say hello to the bad boys!


Before you start flooding the comments section with I’ve-met-nice-guys-at-bars kinda bullshit, please understand that I am aware of those possibilities too, just that this article doesn’t talk about it.

This one is about the dangerous yet mysterious charm of bad boys. 

We’ve all come across someone from this kind and we’ve tried pretty damn hard to not fall for them. You’ve seen your girlfriends cry after getting their hearts broken by their asshole boyfriends and you know that the bad boy in your life is the mirror image of one of those boys. And yet, you still can’t stop obsessing over him.

There is just something about his leather jacket, overpowering musk cologne and the Royal Enfield that turns your knees into jelly.


When I found myself drawn towards a bad boy, I felt this sudden flow of adrenaline in my system. 

It was as if I was ready to take on an adventure, full of unexpected twists and turns. This boy’s life was nothing like mine. He didn’t care about the world because in his head, he was the world. His I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude had me thinking about ways in which I could catch his attention, which I did. But that almost always happened when I would wear something sexy. 

He would shower me with compliments. But these weren’t the regular compliments I was accustomed to hearing. It wasn’t a plain ‘you look good’. It was a ‘I can’t take my eyes off you‘ with the level of sexual tension spiking, one compliment after the other. 

And for some reason, all this made me feel dangerous, just like him.


But that thrill for danger soon wears off. You find yourself looking for ways to tame the bad boy. You think that you know him well enough to do that and that’s the biggest mistake you make. 

You start by trying to understand him better. You urge him to share his deepest secrets with you. Sometimes, he plays along. You find yourself falling deeper in love after he bares it all out, because once the tough boy, he now seems vulnerable.

You offer help. But somehow, he always needs it in the middle of the night and that requires you to sneak out of your house. He talks to you, which eventually ends up in a kiss. That kiss happens once, then twice and soon, becomes a daily affair, not to forget that you’re now sneaking out of your house, every single night. 

You know that something is wrong, but you don’t know what!


By now, you’re seeking an emotional relationship. But he’s only staring at your ass!

The minute he realizes that things have started to get serious, he calls out. For some, it happens over a text, which trust you me is better than finding him sticking his tongue down someone else’s throat. 

‘But it was never really a relationship.’ That’s what you keep telling yourself. The truth is that despite that, you end up feeling like shit.

Biologically there have been many studies that prove why girls find themselves attracted to bad boys. And to be honest, we don’t need studies to prove that. We’ve all seen it happen with us. 

From cute conversations to sexual tension, there is a mystery that revolves around every bad boy and we all fall for it, sometime or the other. 

It is an addiction that you don’t acknowledge for the longest time. But when you do, you realize that the only way out is going cold turkey. 

It feels like shit but you come out feeling positive and far more confident than you ever were!

Bad boys are an addiction and just like every other addiction, they’re better best avoided!