Best friends are a rare gift. It’s so rare that at some point in your life, as you grow up, you sort of stop believing in that concept. It becomes more like a few people you just like hanging out with. 


On some days, you party hard. And on others, you just stretch on the couch, maybe light a joint, order some junk food and rewatch sitcoms. 


But those are not the friends I am talking about here. I am talking about the ones you haven’t spoken to in a while.


Maybe you got busy with your studies and moved out of town. Maybe, you got a job and just don’t have the time to meet them, even if they live a few miles away. 

Neither of you can even agree on a plan to meet. It’s sad, but that’s just life. The worst part is that it happens so gradually that you don’t even notice it’s happening. 


More often than not, you just completely lose touch with them and before you know it, they are no longer in the scheme of things. 

That’s the case, 9 out of 10 bloody times. 

But let’s talk about the 10th time. Let’s talk about that one mad fucker, you know will start the conversation from where you had left the last time you saw him, months ago. Maybe years even. 


Because they never moved on. They know you are there. Not like the sun, that makes them wake up and hurry to work every morning.

More like that one show on Netflix; one that you’ve watched over and over again. And you know that when there’s nothing new to watch, you can still count on that one show to get you through the day. 


You know the story, the characters. Hell, pick any random episode and you still know what the next line is going to be. You just know. 


That friend there, is the one who gets you and you get him. You’ve obviously done some dark shit together that only you know about. You have jokes that only you get and you have stories that only make you nostalgic. 


You also understand that life is such that it is impossible to stay in touch all the time. And they know it too. But when they do call or you meet, it almost feels like yesterday. Like, nothing has changed. 


Because they understand. They know that if you could spend time with them, you would. They understand that you have other priorities in life and they allow you the space to keep all those commitments that you are trying so hard to keep. 

But the moment you send them a text at 3 in the morning, they will reply. Because they know you’ve screwed up again. 


They are the Steve to your Bucky. 


They are also the reason you can never make any more best friends because that’s too high a bar for anybody to live up to. 

Word of advice- keep that bastard around. They will never marry you because they know you all too well but god damn, they are your bloody soulmates!