The world is moving fast and taking us along for the ride! We have evolved from landlines to smartphones, from playing cricket on the streets to playing multiplayer games online, from catching up at cafes to tagging friends in memes.     

And, while we are trying to keep up with all the progress, I cannot help but wonder, have our friendships evolved and become more convoluted too?  

We asked people their opinions on their friendships, old and new, and the responses totally prove that friendship isn’t actually the same it was about ten years ago. But, nevertheless, friends are the only constants and while the times have changed, they haven’t and that’s what makes them so pure and special. 

As these guys said, every type of friendship evolves with time and social media has played a huge role in friendships since the last decade or so. We may have lost physical touch with a lot of our college or school friends, but social media platforms have helped us reunite with our pals. Let’s stop for a moment though and think if our friendships have now been limited to the virtual platforms. I mean it’s fun to tag in memes, or post pictures with #VacayGoals or #BFFGoals. But are we doing all that just for the validation? I mean can we still put our phones down at the table and enjoy a hearty meal filled with conversations and laughs? 

Probably yes or probably not. But, social media has time and again shown that everything is temporary. And, now it looks like Soha Ali Khan had to find that out the hard way. Her long-time BFF Neha Dhupia unfollowed her on Instagram recently and we cannot help but wonder what could have possibly gone wrong. And since when did breaking up over a text or unfollowing to cut out friends become the norm? 

This is a throwback to their happier times and we can only hope that they overcome whatever hurdles they are going through and bury the hatchet…

Tell us how your friendships have evolved in the comments below…