Couples take vows to stand beside each other through thick and thin when they tie the knot but when Hannah Patterson got into an accident and broke her pelvis and ribs, her husband-to-be stood beside her like a rock, exemplifying the meaning of the vows the couple were about to take.

Hannah’s injuries had made it difficult for her to walk, so her father walked her down the aisle in her wheelchair. 

But just halfway down the aisle, the groom came and lifted his bride in his arms and brought her to the stage. 

“Stuart slept in the chair next to me in hospital every night holding my hand. Stuart has never left my side during all of this. I know it has been hard on him to see me like this but he was strong for both of us”, Hannah told The Huffington Post.

The couple, who are from Northern Ireland, first met in Sunday school as kids and began dating as teenagers. They stuck with each other and were in a long-distance relationship after Stuart’s family moved to Ontario five years ago.  

All images via Sarah Grace Photography 

Such a moving moment. God bless you guys!