It was just another day for 19-year-old Lea Adame, who was getting a manicure when the conversation on the next table caught her attention. 

A little bit of eavesdropping later, she realized that the manicurist sitting next to her, Molly, was actually giving a manicure to her son’s girlfriend, and this was their maiden meet. And if that wasn’t the coolest meet-the-boyfriend’s-mom thing ever, there was more. Molly’s son was right there. And was feeding his girlfriend chicken nuggets as she got her nails done.

That’s it really. That act of sheer cuteness and love took Twitter by a love-filled storm, and everyone wanted some of that sweet lovin’. 

Read on to see how the events unfolded:

Isn’t he a keeper?

And obviously, Twitter loved them!

And boyfriends all over were extended the challenge, and they totally lived up!

And like everything on the internet, things always reach back. 


There. Now go try and find someone with such nuggets of love!