What would you do to fulfill your partner’s wish? Treat her, gift her expensive jewelry or at best, take her to a romantic holiday destination. 

But this one guy, is winning the internet with his gesture of true love towards her fiancee, who sadly passed away due to cancer. 

Lad Bible

Xu Shinan, 35, married his partner Yang Liu’s corpse after she passed away on October 14 to fulfill her last wish, reports Lad Bible

She struggled with breast cancer for five-and-a-half year before slipping into a coma and later passing away tragically. 

Daily Star

Shinan, who belongs to China’s north-eastern Peninsula, married Liu at the funeral parlour in front of their loved ones. 

To make it extra special for those attending, a montage of their 12-years of togetherness played on a screen in the background. 

Daily Mail

Opening up about his girlfriend’s final days, he said: 

She no longer recognised me, and in the end we didn’t get a chance to say farewell. All I can do is to fulfil your wish and letting you wear this wedding dress fulfils my wish.

Apparently, a heart-broken Shinan stayed by his deceased girlfriend’s side 24 hours a day for a whole week after she died. 

Liu, who was called a ‘star patient’ by the doctors who treated her, was given chemotherapy and radiotherapy but lost her battle after her cancer became terminal.