The internet is full of ‘advice’ on how to maintain a healthy relationship but it isn’t always accurate. But we have science backing up a few things couples can do to lead the way to a blissful life.

Here are some habits that every couple should have so that their relationship is far from rocky.

1. Couples who drink together stay together.

According to a new study by the University of Michigan, couples who pop open a bottle together, stay together. Don’t use this as an excuse to get on the road to alcoholism.


2. Arguing in person instead of on text helps resolve issues better.

A study by Brigham Young University shows that couples who don’t argue over text last longer and have a better sense of communication. 

3. Couples who have sex at least once a week have a healthy long-term relationship.

A study says that in order to maintain a healthy long-term relationship, it’s important to make love at least once a week. With each other, of course.


4. Partners who celebrate each other’s achievements stay more satisfied.

Our baes should be our biggest cheerleaders. A study backs it up by proving that couples who celebrate each other’s victories are more satisfied in the relationship as compared to couples who don’t.


5. Similar spending habits help maintain a better relationship.

How one spends their money can always be a problem in a relationship. A study by Michigan University says that if a couple has similar spending habits, they have a happier relationship.

6. Couples who divide household chores equally understand each other better.

According to a UCLA study, couples who divide their chores equally at home have a better understanding of a relationship than couples where only one person is in charge. So, you’re not stuck with doing the dishes all by yourself all the time. Who wouldn’t want that?


7. Couples without children tend to be happier.

A survey of 5000 people in long-term relationships came to the conclusion that couples without kids are much happier with each other than couples who are parents. It doesn’t mean you won’t be happy as parents but science begs to differ here.


8. Having common friends improves longevity of a relationship.

A report released by Facebook that analysed 1.3 million of its users suggested that couples with overlapping friends were less likely to break-up as compared to those who have very different social circles. Choose your friends wisely!


9. Couples who get stoned together, stay together.

According to a study, couples who smoke weed together have a peaceful and intimate relationship. Keep your grass green and your relationship happy.


10. Working out together brings out the best in a couple.

A study suggests that couples who work out together have a sense of ‘we’re in this together’. They become each other’s sole motivation and that keeps the relationship fresh and pleasant. Improve your bodies while improving your relationship.


11. Watching porn together makes your sex life better.

Porn might cater to your ‘desires’ alone but according to this study, watching porn with your significant other means you’re comfortable with your own sexuality. It further leads to sexual honesty between partners and definitely improves the sex drive. *wink wink*


12. Binge-watching TV shows helps you spend more time together.

This study suggests that couples who binge-watch TV shows together end up spending more time with each other. I guess Netflix and chill helps in the beginning of a relationship as well as during, if you know what I mean. 


Time to make some changes!